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Text messaging, or SMS (short messaging service) as it is also called, is the sending of text based messages to mobile (cell) phones. Almost all mobile phones in the world are now capable of receiving text messages.

SXMSMS allows you to send text messages from your computer. It also has the ability to send the same message to lots of people at the same time ? an impossible task from phone to phone.

People are now texting and getting used to receiving text messages. Text messaging is hot ? and getting hotter. SXMSMS enables any business to position itself at the forefront of this cutting edge technology with a service that boasts no initial sign up fees and a low per message cost.

Why Text MEssaging my customers

  • Cheap: Text messaging is also a very cheap method of communication. It is significantly less expensive than direct mail and compared to mass mediums such as radio, press and TV, avoids the wastage. To elaborate, a TV commercial is probably only relevant to say 2% of people who view it
  • Instant: Because text messaging is fast (almost instantaneous) messages usually reach the recipient within minutes. This makes it great for last minute offers.
  • Response Rate: Response rates for text messaging are much higher than for any other form of advertising ? people remember a text message. Typical response rates are 10% ? though if you plan well, you can achieve rates much higher than this even.

What business can use sms

All businesses need to talk to their customers ? a business that doesn?t keep in touch with present and future customers will soon find itself closing down. Here are a few examples of how text messaging could be useful to a business;

  • Video Store: Samuel runs a video store ? he groups his customers according to which genres of films they like, and sends out information on new releases to them each week.
  • Hairdressers: John runs a hairdressers ? he uses text messaging to remind customers about hair cut appointments and to give special offers.
  • Real Estate: Judy is a real estate agent that texts property details to clients as soon as a new property that matches their criteria becomes available.

And SMS isn?t just for businesses. It is also a useful application for any group or organization that wishes to communicate with its members.

More informatioN

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